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Calumet Container Corp.

12158 S. Stony Island Ave.

Chicago, IL 60633

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From  a Tank Wash...


The story of Calumet Container Corp. begins in 1988 with Dale Fancher, Jr., an entrepreneur who opened a Chicago tank wash and tractor-trailer repair facility called Calumet Tank and Equipment (CTE).  CTE provided both repair services and tank washing until 2001, when they began to repair ISOs. That same year, they seized the opportunity to purchase some available, adjacent land and formed the present day container depot, Calumet Container. CTE is currently located adjacent to Calumet Container and continues to provide tank washing and heating services for the depot’s customers.


To a Container Depot...


Today, Calumet Container offers storage, repair and testing for ISO containers as well wash and heating services through CTE.  We partner with First Choice Logistics to provide full-service transportation of containers to and from the depot.  


Calumet Container proudly claims its spot as Chicago’s Trusted Container Depot and a safe, familiar, and reputable service stop for containers from points near and far!  As it was in the beginning, the Fancher family is personally involved with the company to maintain the consistent, attentive, quality service that built Calumet’s impeccable reputation.



Calumet Container looks towards a bright future under the leadership of our experienced and committed management team:




Kevin McGuffey

Operations Manager

Dale Fancher, Jr.


Kathleen Gaynor


Julie Fancher

Office Manager

Dale Fancher, III

General Manager