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Calumet Container Corp.

12158 S. Stony Island Ave.

Chicago, IL 60633

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A Trusted Chicago Container Depot


For long-term or short-term storage in the Chicago area, our lighted, secure yard provides a safe holding place for containers and peace of mind for our customers.  Upon arrival, Calumet conducts an interchange report noting the tank condition and verifying seals are intact.  Throughout the storage period, Calumet emails customers a daily inventory status report for their containers. When it’s time for the container to depart from the depot, Calumet ensures that container is properly labeled and sealed for transit.


Calumet Container offers:


•  Empty and loaded storage for all container types


•  Equipment to handle loaded and empty tanks (Taylor 65,000 lb. and 95,000 lb. container handler; 20-40 spreader for 40’ tanks)  


•  Lit and secure, ample storage yards with 24/7 close-circuit video surveillance


•  Transportation to and from the facility



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